Language English, Chinese

Launched December 2004
Closed October 5, 2008

Developer Accoona Corporation

Country of Origin US America

2004 - 2008 Accoona Corporation

Topic Universal

Region US America, China

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search

Used SeEn Accoona

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

» is a search engine with interactive tools that provides users with better web, business and news results; powered by proprietary Artificial Intelligence technology. [...] Founded in February 2004, Accoona Corporation, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) search technology, unveiled the Accoona Search Engine in the United States and China in December 2004. The company is taking the competitive search engine sector to the next level, leveraging its advanced search technologies, experienced executives, and strong relations with China – the second largest online population in the world - and soon to be the world’s largest.« Source

»Accoona was an internet company having offices in Jersey City, New Jersey and Shanghai, China. Their main product was a search engine that claimed to use artificial intelligence to better understand searches. On June 23, 2005, in the ABC Times Square studios, the AI Accoona Toolbar, driven by a Fritz 9 prototype, drew against the 33rd World Chess Champion Rustam Kasimdzhanov. In addition to traditional searches, it allows business profile searches, and its signature "SuperTarget" feature. Their exclusive partnership with China Daily, a large Chinese internet portal, was seen as a highly strategic move. The CEO of Accoona is Valentine J. Zammit, formerly of 24/7 Real Media and Doubleclick. After IPO problems, Accoona shuttered their doors on October 5, 2008. In October 2008 the web page said: "Dear Accoona search users, Due to an overwhelmingly competitive search market, and will no longer be active. We thank you for your previous support. Sincerely, Accoona Management." Accoona Domains and Search Facilities is acquired by Masterseek B2B Search Engine on October 30, 2008« Source

»Accoona provides the search technology to the Chinese portals and Sohu. They also formed a 20-year exclusive partnership with China Daily. Through this partnership, with China Daily and its widespread Chinese affiliates, Accoona expects 10 million hits daily from the otherwise isolated Chinese user base. Accoona signed a million dollar deal with FAST Search from Norway to help enhance their rankings.« Source

Accoona was selected among the 50 Coolest Websites of year 2006 by Time Magazine: »This engine uses artificial intelligence to "understand" the meaning of the keywords in your query in an effort to deliver more relevant results. Drop-down menus allow you to set some search parameters, such as business type and location; run a News search for recent articles, Business search for facts and figures, or a Web search for relevant links. PubSub is also useful; it lets you "subscribe" to a particular search, after which the engine will continue to retrieve new information related to your search as it appears on blogs, in newsgroup discussions or in SEC filings, automatically refreshing your search results so they are ready (one click away from the home page) when you want them.« Source

»Accoona came up with some interesting and innovative features such as the talking toolbar and SuperTarget [...]. I was never impressed with the web search, and the business option was just a search on the D&B marketing directory. I did visit the News section quite a lot, though, and in particular SuperTarget, which could be used to identify people and companies mentioned in your search results. More often than not they were the ‘usual suspects’ but occasionally it would flag up an unexpected association. The service never realised its full potential and when it started dropping search options and cancelled its IPO, the rumours started flying and I stopped recommending it in my workshops. The search engine business is tough so no doubt many more will bite the dust before too long.« Source


»The name Accoona is derived from the Swahili phrase, Hakuna Matata, which means “don’t worry be happy.” Accoona CEO Stuart Kauder says, “The company name was chosen specifically with the end user in mind. Our goal is to make our users happy by helping them find relevant results to their queries.”« Source

Critical points

»Although loose, this is a good translation of hakuna matata. Accoona may be derived from the whole phrase, but it sounds like a Cockney or French pronunciation of only the first word. Taken alone, hakuna means "there are none" and is one way of simply answering "no", since there is no single word for "no" in Swahili. This is not a good name for an Internet search engine. Imagine seeing "there are none" on a search result page.« Source

Features & Functionality

"Talking Search Bar" »Accoona (Matata) has released a talking search toolbar which features text-to-speech technology that enables users to highlight English-language text on the Internet to be read aloud.« Search refinement with "Super Target your Search" // Alert function "PubSub" Source


»It hired Bill Clinton to speak at its launch, amid great claims for its artificial intelligence technology.« Source

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