World Wide Web Worm

"One of the first automatic indexing tools for the World-Wide Web, being developed in September 1994 by Oliver McBryan at the University of Colorado. The worm created a database of 300000 multimedia objects which can be obtained or searched for keywords via the WWW."

Language English

Launched 1993
Closed 1998

Developer McBryan, Oliver

Country of Origin US America

1993 - 1998 McBryan, Oliver

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities

Used SeEn World Wide Web Worm

Robot: The World Wide Web Worm (Source)

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

wiseGEEK: »A few other small projects grew up after the Wanderer, which began to approach the modern search engine. These included the World Wide Web Worm, the Repository-Based Software Engineering (RBSE) spider, and JumpStation. All of these three used data collected by web robots to return that information to users. Still, information was just returned unfiltered for the most part, although RBSE did attempt to rank the value of pages.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»WWWW allows you to locate almost any WWW hypertext or WWW information resource, simply by specifying some keywords. --- WWWW provides four types of search databases: citation hypertext, citation addresses (URL), HTML titles and HTML addresses. --- WWWW allows you to specify a limit for the number of matches you wish returned to you« Source


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