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At the beginning of 2005, two search services were provided by the Canadian provider A multisearch under the domain and a metasearch named "All 4 One MetaSearch! In the same year both offers were combined to "Search AllinOne MetaSearch! The metasearch offered the possibility to search up to eight search engines at the same time. The user can decide which search engines are to be used. When a search query is made, the search engines are searched simultaneously. The answers are grouped according to relevance based on an automatic clustering of the results.

Language English

Launched 2005 (formerly All 4 One MetaSearch!)
Closed in Mai 2007 renamed and changed too Search AllinOne Social News!

Developer Collins, Ryan

Country of Origin Canada

2005 - 2007

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta search engine

Used SeEn Alltheweb (FAST)
MSN Search
AOL Search / AOL NetFind

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»About Us: Our meta search engine started as just an idea to improve the web search experience, a masters student and web pioneer teamed together to provide something unique to the search engine industry. Search all in one is a meta search engine providing a simple searching alternative for fast, accurate and useful results.While other engines provide us 1 to 10 of 100,000,000 results, we believe users do not sift through 100 million results to find their answer, we provide an ample amount of results to find the answer you need. In particular it provides much better results than using a single search engine. All 4 one instantly queries eight popular search engines through its parallel searching facility, with matching responses organized by relevancy. Our Philosophy: Our Philosophy extends from admitting their are great search engines out their, we sort from the millions of data into actual information users can have at their finger tips. We are not just another meta, we actually listen, we adapt to our users needs and wants. The suggestions by our users makes our engine better.« Source

»Search all in one also provides several advanced features including: * Displaying hyperlinked headlines relevant to queried search terms by news organizations such as the ABC News, Fox News above each set of search results * Automatically clusters results through grouping relevant queries. * Provides specialized access to handpicked access via the Google Web directory. * Provides option of translation of web results. * Each search result provides page ranking position information in relation to the Search engines used.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Add our search to your website's homepage and we will give you a FREE listing at the TOP of our search results for the keyword of your choice! ... If you chose to install our search on your homepage fill out the form below for your FREE listing at the TOP of our search results!« Source


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