Ecosia is a search interface with its own start and result page. Currently the content comes from Bing, in the past Google and Yahoo were used. Ecosia markets itself as a green search engine that uses part of its revenue to plant trees. Ecosia comes from Germany and was developed by Christian Kroll.

Initially, the results were incorporated into a separate interface. Today (2019) only the headboard is designed by Ecosia, the result part corresponds to a simplified edition of Bing. All vertical searches (image, video, news) correspond to the Bing output page in simplified form.

Language Multilingual

Launched December 2009
Closed No

Developer Kroll, Christian

Country of Origin Germany

2009 - [...] Ecosia GmbH

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Charity or Green Search often called GOOD Search
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn Bing
Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»Ecosia lets users plant trees by searching the web. In donating 80 percent of its surplus ad revenue, the search engine has raised over $3 million for rainforest protection since its founding in December 2009. Ecosia's mission to cultivate a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting has it working to plant one billion new trees by the year 2020.

By supporting high-impact reforestation efforts – as well as neutralising all CO2 emissions related to its search – Ecosia aims to achieve the highest positive environmental impact per dollar possible. By publishing its monthly donation receipts online, Ecosia aims to live up to its users’ demands for transparency. And by working to improve its charitable web service day after day, Ecosia aims to show the world that small changes can make a big difference.

When Ecosia was founded, we promised to put positive environmental impact before profits – and now there is a movement to match our philosophy. We wanted Ecosia to become a Certified B Corp in order to check our values against our practices, and to join a wider community of smart, accountable businesses who know that social, environmental and economic sustainability is the only true way forward. Like other B Corps, Ecosia believes you have to be the change you seek. That’s why – aside from donating 80% of its surplus income to a reforestation project – the company completely neutralises all CO2 emissions related to its searches, right down to users’ computers and mobile devices. Ecosia’s offices even run on renewable energy.

In its mission to plant one billion trees by 2020, Ecosia is working with experts and communities to reforest areas of the world that need it most. Sustainable, high-impact planting strategies mean improvements to the environment, local economies and social stability.

In the end, Ecosia lives from its commitment to people, planet and profits. By turning a collection of small, everyday actions into something greater, Ecosia builds on the hope that we might one day live in a world that doesn’t need protecting. This is the change they seeks.« Source

Lazy But Righteous (June 7, 2011): »Despite having a name that sounds like an ecologically-related memory disorder, Ecosia generates real money for protection of the rainforest—$334,000 has been donated to the World Wildlife Fund so far. The search is powered by Yahoo and Bing, which, as I mentioned above, ain’t no Google.« Source


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Example results page for "sand": Source

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Created: 2015-03-10