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Launched June, 1 2006
Closed 2010

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2006 - 2010 InterActiveCorp (IAC)

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2006: » today introduced Blog & Feed Search, a new service designed specifically for searching posts, feeds and news published to the "blogosphere." Uniquely leveraging search technology and subscription data from Bloglines, the world's leading feed reader, new Ask Blog & Feed Search delivers superior relevance and richer tools than can be found elsewhere. The service is available directly from the homepage Toolbox or as well as Bloglines ( "On the heels of the re-launch of, and recent industry-leading products such as Ask Images and Ask Maps, our new Blog & Feed Search continues our narrow focus on making search better," said Jim Lanzone, CEO of "Blogs are the fastest growing form of content on the Web, and Ask Blog & Feed Search can open up this rich information source to more and more searchers." Ask Blog & Feed Search takes an entirely new approach to searching the blogosphere. First, instead of crawling, Ask Blog & Feed Search harnesses the subscription data of hundreds of thousands of real people who use Bloglines to create our search index.« Source

2006: »"Instead of crawling, Ask Blog & Feed Search harnesses the subscription data of hundreds of thousands of real people who use Bloglines, the #1 online feed reader, to create our search index. In the absence of a mature link structure, people provide the best way to discover the freshest, highest quality feeds -- information that isn’t exposed to crawlers. In addition, this “collective human intelligence” provides a natural defense against spam, as people typically do not subscribe to low quality content." So really is making the most of its Bloglines asset - and again I must use the word *finally*! In essence they're saying that Bloglines users tell the engine what is the best content. is also applying their search algorithm on top of the Bloglines subscription data. Users can then filter their results. As well as the 'Advanced Search' option, there are three sorting tabs - Relevance, Most Recent, Popularity. When I spoke to the team on the phone, I asked what the difference was between Relevance and Popularity. I was told that Relevance analyzes the link structure, using their search algorithm - it's "subject specific popularity". The Popularity tab on the other hand analyzes the number of subscribers and links within Bloglines.« Source


Critical points

2006: »Ask/Bloglines has been the subject of a considerable number of jokes over the last year, after promising a blog search engine last summer. The new engine should put those jokes to rest. And the company is taking the product and the launch very seriously – CEO Jim Lanzone walked me through the product personally earlier this week.« Source

Features & Functionality

»The search engine has two separate user interfaces. It can be found on the home page (link to blog search on the right sidebar) as well as Bloglines. The underlying engine is the same, although the interface and functionality is slightly different on the two sites. Searches can be conducted by “posts”, “feeds” or “news”. The news option conducts a search from 7,000 pre-approved blog and news sites to reduce noise. Results can be narrowed to a specific period of time (anytime, last hour, last week, etc) and can be sorted by relevance, date or popularity. “Popularity” is determined based on the their “ExpertRank” algorithm and several sources of Bloglines data, such as subscriber count, links, citations, etc. A blog with more links and more subscribers on Bloglines will have more relevance than other blogs. “Relevance” factors in both popularity and freshness to give meaningful recent results. There are a number of other features worth noting. Feeds related to the query are listed on the right sidebar, along with RSS information for subscriptions. Each search result contains additional options as well: a binoculars graphic (scroll over for popup with last five posts from result), “Save” (save result to a clipboard), Subscribe (to a feed reader) and Post To (Digg, Delicous, Newsvine etc.). Advanced search features are accessed via an javascript drop down menu at the top of the screen.« Source


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