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Mamma is called the first Meta search engine. The engine is developed as a Master thesis at the Canadian Carleton University, Ottawa by Herman Tumurcuoglu. Mamma started in 1996 and works till today as a Meta search engine. Since 2005 they offered an image, video and news search to. Additionally they offered a job and health search since the middle of the 2000 years, but both are closed after nearly three years.

Language German, French

Launched June 2005
Closed January 2008


Country of Origin Canada

2005 - 2007
2007 - 2008 Copernic Inc.

Topic Search engine for Health & Medical Information

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Deep Web SeEn

Used SeEn Mamma Health Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Deep Web Health Search uses search technology to search deep into health sites and extract information that you would not get on a standard search engine result page. We do not search the entire Web. Instead, we focus exclusively on relevant health information by crawling only authoritative, hand picked health sources.

Some of the health sites we search are:
The Deep Web refers to websites that are not accessible to standard search engines. Many Deep Web sites contain relevant information that is dynamically generated or stored in searchable databases that are not accessible to everyone. While standard search engines crawl the Internet in order to index the surface Web, Deep Web search engines actually query the databases that make up the Deep Web. The Health Search Engine uses a deep web crawler to get deep into the sites in real time to display the most accurate and relevant results possible.

The value of this specialty search engine is in how the information is displayed on the result page. We do not present a standard result page, but provide intelligent excerpts (brief text) organized according to topic, such as causes, symptoms and treatments. This enables you to easily determine which of the sites has the information you're interested in, and then click through to read more information from this particular site. Mamma's Health Search Engine is designed to answer queries such as health, muscular dystrophy and chickenpox, not because we have advertising relationships with our sources, but because we present the data we get back in a similar fashion to traditional search engines. This means that we are providing intelligent excerpts from our sources and provide you with a smart click-through link to get access to the source directly. We provide a conduit to help you get access to the information you require.

There are two ways to navigate to Deep Web Health Search Engine.

1) Go to and type in a health related query. The subsequent result page that comes back will have the first result labelled "Deep Web Health Search" accompanied by a red medic alert symbol. If you click on this result, it will perform a Deep Web Health Search of hand picked, authoritative health sites.

2) Go to and type in your health query. Click "search" and our engine will perform a Deep Web Health Search of hand picked authoritative health sites and present you with fast, relevant health results.« Source


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