Language English

Launched 2002
Closed In 2005 espotting is renamed in Miva. The old Website of Espotting was available till 2007.

Developer Ishag, David and Ishag, Daniel and Seb Bishop (Espotting Media)

Country of Origin UK

2000 - 2003 Ishag, David and Ishag, Daniel and Seb Bishop (Espotting Media)
2003 - 2005
2005 - 2007 Miva

Topic Universal

Region UK, Europe

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Paid search

Used SeEn Espotting

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»London-based Espotting Media was founded in 2000. Along with (then Overture, now Yahoo! Search Marketing) it was a pioneer of pay per click advertising on web search engines. European expansion paid off and revenues soared from just € 80,000 in 2001 to € 41 million in 2003. Although successful, espotting did not have a strong partnership with any of the dominant search engines. When Google and Yahoo! started to dominate the market place, espotting merged with US company in 2004. The merged company soon re-branded as MIVA, Inc. in 2005. In 2009 MIVA, Inc. sold its MIVA Media ad network division to Adknowledge. As a result of this sale MIVA, Inc. rebranded to Vertro, and its MIVA Direct division rebranded to« Source

2003: »FindWhat, another ad bidding engine like Overture and Google AdWords, is buying up Espotting, an ad bidding engine that has focused on Europe, for about 8.1 million shares of stock and about $27 million in cash for a combined valuation of about $163 million according to their US press release. The combination of the two may help FindWhat become a more serious competitor for the search engine ad space to the two big companies: Overture and Google.« Source

2003: »Paid search company said on Friday it is renegotiating its agreement to buy European paid listings company Espotting after it found problems with the company's finances. The announcement casts some doubt as to whether the $163 million merger will go through. said it might walk away from the deal if it cannot get a better price. The deal was due to close in the fourth quarter. According to the Fort Myers, Fla.-based search provider, its post-merger examination of Espotting's books turned up some surprises regarding Espotting's purported profitability and projected financials. FindWhat said it is working with Espotting to get its results in conformity with U.S. accounting standards. "As a result of its examination, is retracting all previous statements it has made regarding Espotting's historical and projected financial performance, specifically comments made related to Espotting's profitability and the companies' post-closing pro forma financial expectations," the company said in a statement. "We felt confident that the numbers we'd given the Street were not accurate, so we felt we needed to retract them," said Craig Pisaris-Henderson,'s chief executive. Pisaris-Henderson declined to elaborate on how long the examination of Espotting's finances would take. At the deal's announcement in June, Espotting CEO Daniel Ishag said the company turned profitable in the first quarter. Espotting forecast $7.5 million in pre-tax income for the year on $75 million of revenue. Under terms of the merger, Espotting's shareholders were to receive 8.1 million shares of FindWhat and $27 million in cash. The amount of cash was to vary depending on Espotting's audited financial results. Both companies' boards of directors already approved the deal. The companies did not release details of the agreement's break-up clauses. FindWhat said that it would seek to lower the purchase price and change other parts of the merger agreement in light of its findings. Both companies operate pay-per-click advertising systems, with FindWhat operating in the United States and Espotting based in Europe. With the merger in some doubt, so too is FindWhat's strategy of expanding its U.S. base into Europe. FindWhat has carved itself a niche by aggregating a distribution network of small sites. Espotting, on the other hand, competes head-on in Europe with the titans of paid listings: Google and Overture Services. Espotting, started in the United Kingdom in February 2000, now has operations in 10 countries. It has faced stiff competition with Overture, which has established itself as the clear leader in the European market. Yesterday, Overture announced new operations in Spain, its seventh European market. By the end of the year, Overture expects its paid listings will be available in 10 European markets. Google has also made a strong push in Europe. While mostly relying on its local sites for distribution, the search giant has made some distribution deals. In May, Espotting lost a key deal when Ask Jeeves UK dropped it in favor of Google, which handles Ask Jeeves' paid search in the United States. The company is also likely to lose its deal with Yahoo! Europe once Yahoo!'s acquisition of Overture is complete at the end of the year. In addition, Espotting has a distribution deal with Applied Semantics, which was acquired by Google. Despite its reported profitability, eSpotting was not flush with cash. As part of the merger agreement, FindWhat loaned Espotting $2 million.« Source

2006: »Der Service ist in Großbritannien beheimatet und bietet seine Dienste europaweit an. Espotting ist eine "cost per click" (CPC) Suchmaschine und verkauft Rankingplätze an den meistbietenden. Dabei spielt die eigene Suchmaschine nicht die zentrale Rolle, vielmehr hat Espotting Kooperationsverträge mit zahlreichen Suchmaschinen geschlossen und blendet die Ergebnisse dort ein. In Deutschland sind das Yahoo, Lycos, Fireball,, Allesklar und eine Reihe anderer Sites; auch Netscape, Ask Jeeves, und Alltheweb gehören zu den Espotting Partnern. Jeder kann sich bei Espotting anmelden und seine eigenen Suchbegriffe ersteigern. Die Kosten dafür betragen je nach Konkurrenz einige Cent bis hin zu zweistelligen Euro- Beträgen. Die Praxis der ersteigerten Suchergebnisse hat sich inzwischen bei allen Suchmaschinen durchgesetzt; durch den Wegfall der klassischen Werbeeinnahmen sind die CPC Einnahmen eine wesentlicher Erlösquelle. Espotting hat im allgemeinen keinen Einfluss darauf, ob und wie die bezahlten Suchergebnisse von den normalen getrennt werden; meist gibt es eine mehr oder wenige auffällige Kennzeichnung als "Sponsored Link". Es gibt aber sogar Suchdienste, die die Espotting Ergebnisse komplett übernehmen, zum Beispiel Freenet und Acoon.« Source


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