No Tracking. No Spying. Just Search.

Language English, German, Swedish, Hindi

Launched 2014 or earlier
Closed June 2016

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin US America

2014 - [...] Motherpipe Ltd.

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn
Anonymous / private searching

Used SeEn Motherpipe

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


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»Every day when you socialise online, visit websites and use search engines you leave a shocking amount of personal and private information behind. Your surf habits, search history, location, purchase history, name, email address, political affiliation, medical history and much more are often combined with your computer’s unique IP address and internet cookies to create a highly accurate but very private profile of who you are. Search history in particular can reveal an astounding amount of information about you. Think about it. Would you want anyone to know about all searches you have made over the last week? Personal information like this is sold to third parties and used by advertisers to target you with “relevant ads”. This is why ads seem to follow you (and your family members) around, even when you visit sites you have not been to before. This information can also be traded on so called data exchanges and can be used by merchants to adjust price based on who you are and by criminals to choose you as a target for scams. Personal data, including your IP and search history, is also usually stored for months or years by normal search engines. They too use it to target you with ads on their own sites and on those of their partners. But as with any data that is kept in databases, it is vulnerable to hacker attacks. It can also be released by mistake, as happened to 650,000 AOL users in 2007.« Source

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