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Zeekly is a search portal from America. It started in 2013 and was developed by Jeffrey Sisk. Zeekly promotes in particular the protection of the privacy of its users. From 2015 to 2018 no search was offered, since 2018 the old search offer is online again. Originally Google, Bing and Yahoo were used in a meta search. It was planned to supplement these with own results, which are determined with the Zeeklybot. Today the results are from Bing. You can only search for phrases from the Zeekly search index and the results are occasionally very old. In addition to the web search, an image, video, news, blog, audio, PDF search and more are offered.

The results page allows you to preview (Quick Look) the results page or comment on the results.

Language Multilingual

Launched Aug. 1, 2013
Closed 2019

Developer Jeffrey Sisk

Country of Origin US America

2013 - [...] Jeffrey Sisk

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Meta search engine
Result page preview

Used SeEn Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


»He [Sisk] and his wife, Patty, spent hours brainstorming the name, deciding on Zeekly because it had a good ring and started with a strong, underused letter. They liked that it worked as a verb. "Let's Zeekly it!''« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality


Example results page for "san francisco web": Source

References & further Publications

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Created: 2019-11-16