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Phil Bradley: »As soon as one search engine disappears, up pops another one. Social Searcher is an interesting multi search engine that creates 3 columns, one each for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ There are a few tweaks - you can choose to focus on a particular country within the Facebook element of search, a location in Twitter and a language in G+.If you're interested in searching for images in Facebook, there's an option for that as well. The engine can also be used as an interface to search any of those resources directly, and also MySpace and LinkedIn. The section on 'Social Leaks' is also quite interesting in that there are a number of pre-set search links that reveal who is talking about how much they hate their job, what their new phone number is and so on - simply from what people have personally and very publically revealed. This is a real Swiss Army Knife of a social search engine - certainly one that is worth exploring. And of course, you don't need to have accounts with any of the services in order to use it!« Source


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Note: Social Searcher is not a multi search as defined and used in this collection. Source

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