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»'s mission is to offer you the smartest and quickest Twitter search on the desktop, tablet and mobile. Gwittr is a Twitter API based search website. It allows you to better search any Twitter account for older tweets, linked web pages and pictures. You simply enter your own or any other Twitter username in the search box and let Gwittr pull up your older tweets. Once they are uploaded you can browse, search and analyse them. You can filter search results by hashtags, @mention and time and sort your searches by relevance and date. Gwittr also allows you to view only web pages or pictures linked to tweets. The statistics tab gives you an access to data, such as your top tweeting hour of the day or the most active tweeting day of the week. At the moment, Gwittr is a single man's effort, mostly developed by @jeteve, a web applications developer based in London, UK.« Source

Phil Bradley: »Quick Smart Twitter Search is the claim that they make. It's an interesting engine, but it's really designed to follow the tweets of individuals, rather than Twitter as a whole. However, it really does provide a mine of information once you have found the person that you're interested in. Put in the Twitter user name that you want to explore and then wait for a while. There's a very irritating flickering while Gwittr goes and collects data and brings it back - this was a major weakness of the engine IMO - quite slow, and I was searching my name and I don't have a huge number of tweets. In fact, thanks to Gwittr I can tell you exactly: 1394 since February 2013. I can also tell you my top shared sites (, which isn't helpful), top users that I mention, most used hashtags. Thanks to the statistics section of the results I can also tell you that of 3231 tweets since December 2011 (an annoying inconsistency in dates there!) I tweet most on a Thursday, and between mid day and 1 o'clock. The earliest I've tweeted is at 5am, and the latest at 2am. (Not the same day I hasten to add!) I have tweeted 21 photographs, and they are all collected together, and I have linked to just over 1,000 webpages. Gwittr is a useful search engine - it really pulls personal content together very nicely, and it's a great addition to your Twitter search armoury.« Source


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