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»WeSEE Ltd is a UK-based hi-tech media company established in 2010 by Prof Alexander Yudashkin, Angie Lopez and Adrian Moxley. With offices in 3 countries WeSEE's core business is about identifying unstructured visual content so that one of two processes occurs: 1. Detects adult content and enables or disables whether an advert should be delivered. 2. Generates thematic keywords about the content so as to allow targeted advertising to be delivered based on the major objects and themes contained within that image. WeSEE's core technology is a proprietary data indexing engine. The engine works by harnesses the powers of pattern recognition, semantics, mathematics and artificial neural networking techniques. The engine is able to look inside all visual content with out having to rely on text descriptions or laborious manual tagging techniques to deceifer the data context. WeSEE gives 'structure' to 'unstructured data' so that it can be detected, controlled and monetised. The WeSEE philosophy is very simple; the more Publishers and Advertisers gain insights into their web content the more control they have to exploit it and the more valuable the content becomes. WeSEE believes a picture not only paints a thousand words but also holds the key to unlocking new commercial revenue opportunities for Publishers.« Source


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»WeSEE:Search is leading the next generation of search technology - Hybrid Search. WeSEE is launching a groundbreaking search engine that enables web and mobile internet users to retrieve the most relevant results possible every time they submit a search. WeSEE: Search enables web users to search with any kind of data, text or images or a combination of both, allowing users to find similar images or text associated with those images. WeSEE: Search, unlike traditional text based search engines, gives all types of webdata both ranking and relevance. WeSEE: Search automatically detects objects and faces in digital pictures, classifies them by type and then ranks them to create an image-based index by visual object similarity. This is the key component that sets WeSEE: Search apart from other existing search engines in the market place. No other search engine works in this way. WeSEE's image recognition technology gives internet users a unique search experience and flexibility in how they query web data.« Source


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