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Language Multilingual

Launched 2012
Closed No

Developer Holomedia / GoCheapR

Country of Origin France

2012 - [...] Holomedia / GoCheapR

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Multi Search
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Yahoo

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»WiinkZ is a multi search engine which provides button based access to a variety of different engines mainly the usual suspects. It's also got icon access to country based websites - so if you're using the UK version the BBC site pops up, as does the Guardian and so on. Unfortunately you don't seem to be able to edit them yourself, which is a bit of a shame. Wiinkz also provides search access via categories, maps, images and so on. It looked fine to me, though I found the continually changing backgrounds irritating, and they haven't got their HTML quite right, so scrolling is a bit messy.« Source


Critical points

WiinkZ offers an interesting Category Search, but the category "Dating" is in the german version translated as "Dativ" (this is the grammatical case dative).

Features & Functionality

The most links, like Image Search or Yahoo, leads directly to the primary source. After sending a search query the result page of the selected search engine is shown for the query [kd2016].


References & further Publications

Wikipedia (EN): n.a.
Wikipedia (Others): n.a.

Other Sources

Bradley, Phil (2013): WiinkZ. Online available at Phil Bradley's weblog. URL:

Created: 2013-05-09