Launched 2005
Closed August 21st. 2009; sold on Google

Developer Shah, Munjal

Country of Origin

2005 - 2009 Ojos Inc.

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»For six months now I have been trying to finalize the name and URL we were going to launch with. What an ordeal this was. As many of you know we first named the company Ojos. I got and thought we would eventually get A mining company with operations in Chile owned it but wasn't using it. For months and months I called the guy listed on the registrar, Mark and he didn't return my call. I called the CEO of the company and I called the technical contact (who did answer my call ) but in the end no call from Mark. Next I began looking at lots of different variants. The guy who owned, Joel. Said he wanted $100K then said, I'm not even sure I'd sell it for that. The company who owned, first told me they wouldn't sell it, then told me they would, then told me some else had bought it for $90-100K. Geesh... we are definitely in a bubble. I've been through one bubble and I just wasn't going to fall into same bubble cash spending cycle again. We've been very careful with our money at Ojos and I didn't want to waste so much money on a URL. Two weeks ago here, I talked about how Azhar had a close family member in the hospital. For his own privacy I didn't want to talk about it, but I now have his and his wife Zianab's permission. It turns out that Azhar's 3 month old daughter Riya needed a heart operation. She was born with a smaller Aorta and the doctors needed to enlarge it (kind of like a angioplasty). Riya is a fighter and a strong girl. She had her operation and within 24 hours was a smiling and laughing little girl (something she did less frequently before the operation). Everything went well. So with Azhar's blessing, we are going to name the Ojos product "Riya". I expect our Alpha will not be perfect and we will have to fight to make it so. Riya has inspired us all. Now of course I needed the URL. However, this time the kindness of a man named Sanjay Shah from Boston (no relation to me) came to the rescue. Sanjay also has a daughter named Riya, but after hearing about Azhar's story decided to give us the name so we could use it as the name of our product. He didn't ask for a dollar. Thank you Sanjay.« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Riya is a new kind of visual search engine. We look inside the image, not only at the text around it. Use Riya to: Find similar faces and objects on many images across the web. Refine the results, using color, shape and texture. Riya also has a personal search service that does face and text recognition in your photos. You can use our face and text recognition technology to: Train the system to recognize the main characters in the story of your life. Share photos with friends and family. We believe the time has come to truly make photos searchable, to let people say I want "more like this" and get what they want, and to eventually allow every public photo in the world to be found. We are only starting on this journey. Image search on the web hasn't changed significantly in many years.« Source


Google Acquires »In 2009, Riya was shut down, but the company had already refocused its efforts on ecommerce – using the Riya core technology to let people search visually by seeing images that are similar to other images. was born. And the company raised nearly $50 million in venture capital since 2006 and has revenue in the $50 million/year range. From the product standpoint, operated its visual search engine and then went on to launch a number of smaller sites d Source

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