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Yahoo started in 1994 as a web directory, from 1996 AltaVista was offered additionally, if the catalogue did not show any correspondence. Yahoo comes from the USA and was developed by Jerry Yang and David Filo. In 1997, Yahoo introduced an e-mail service, other products followed, today Yahoo is a web portal (access to web products such as web, image, video, news search, mail, instant messaging, soping, community services and more). Since 1998, Inktomi has been used as a search engine in addition to the catalogue. In 2002, Yahoo gave up catalogue search and switched to Google. From 2003, Yahoo! Search had its own web crawler-based search engine. In 2011 they switched to Bing, in 2015 they switched to Google and since 2019 Bing is used again.

In 2005, Yahoo! launched its Yahoo! video site, which combined video content from a variety of sources. It searched the web, accepted uploads, and included direct feeds from partners. Previously, users could find and view online videos in Yahoo offerings such as music, news, sports, film and television sources. With the new offering, this content was combined and made accessible to users via a central page.

With the change from Yahoo's own search technology in 2011 to Bing, 2015 to Google and since 2019 back to Bing, the vertical search offers of Bing and Google were also used.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2005
Closed No

Developer Yahoo Inc

Country of Origin US America

2005 - [...] Yahoo Inc

Topic Music, Sound & Video Search engine

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Video search engine
Feed aggregator
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Yahoo Video Search
Bing Video Search
Google Video Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Tim Mayer (August 08, 2005): »As it turns out we have grown our index and just reached a significant milestone at Yahoo! Search – our index now provides access to over 20 billion items. While we typically don't disclose size (since we've always said that size is only one dimension of the quality of a search engine), for those who are curious this update includes just over 19.2 billion web documents, 1.6 billion images, and over 50 million audio and video files.« Source

Yahoo! PR (Jun 01, 2006): »Yahoo! Video allows users to access the most popular and relevant videos on the Internet including Lazy Ramadi, The Glomp, and the latest Shakira music video. It brings together content in more ways than any other video Web site by crawling the Web, accepting uploads, receiving direct feeds from partners, and leveraging the Yahoo! Media Group's unique content and industry relationships. As a leader in online video, Yahoo! already hosts and serves hundreds of millions of music, news, sports, movies, and television videos per month. Now, Yahoo! Video combines these assets with content from across the Web and directly from publishers, enabling users to determine what videos are most important to them ... « Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality


Example results page for "sand": Source

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Wikipedia (EN):!_Video
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Other Sources

Yahoo! PR (Jun 01, 2006): Yahoo! Debuts Next Generation Video Experience; Yahoo! Video Combines Search, Upload and Community, Enabling Publishers to Be Discovered by Users Everywhere in the World of Online Video URL:

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