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Closed 2001


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»The MatchSite search combines the efforts of all the leading major search engines to assist you in finding the information you are looking for. The MatchSite engine compiles the responses from the different internet search engines based on the URL, into a list ranked from zero to 1000. The scores are then rated and listed based on these results. A site that is listed several times on the other search engines, or listed high on the other search engines, will receive a higher score with MatchSite. MatchSites versatility allows the user to select the number of links to retrieve from each of the major search engines and the number of links to display. It also provides a link back to the original page the search came from, thus allowing you to jump directly to the original listing. While MatchSite searches may take a little longer, the time difference pales to the time it would take to individually search each of the search engines.« Source


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