Language English

Launched 1996
Closed The SeEn first closed in 2002 and was reopened in 2005. Later it offerd no real meta search anymore and today (2015) there is no websearch any longer.

Developer Haag, John E.

Country of Origin US America

1996 - 2005 Haag, John E.
2005 - [...] Unknown

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Parallel Search
Meta SeEn

Used SeEn Yahoo
Google Search Engine
Ask Jeeves / Ask SeEn
Turbo10 SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

1996: »John E. Haag, an independent Web developer in Miami, has just introduced his new All4one Search Machine, which lets you input your search criteria just once, sends them out simultaneously to four popular search engines -- Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista and WebCrawler -- and then displays the results in four Netscape 2.0 frames. The program lets you compare the search results among the four sites, then enlarge any frame to a full screen to scroll through the results more easily. [...] The major limitation to the All4one search service is its very limited search syntax, though Haag says that in future versions searches will be more configurable. Right now, for example, you cannot exclude certain words in a search, as you can in most search engines. (When you're viewing All4one's results you can hone your search using the criteria permitted by that particular program. But then you're back to conducting searches one at a time.) It takes awhile to get the hang of working in All4one. For starters, when you view the results of each search you're still in All4one, so paging back always returns you to the All4one home page, which can be a little frustrating. Haag says he's is working on improvements as fast as he can, while at the same time hoping to find sponsors for the site. (All4one also displays the ads from the original search sites along with the results from those sites.) Soon you'll be able to select just which four search sites you want to search, or request that it just search two sites for faster results. "My goal is to make it popular enough before somebody steals the idea," Haag said. He may discover that he's already too late, because a number of others are already working on similar solutions. For example, SavvySearch, ...« Source

2005: »Since changing ownership in 2005, All4One now instantly checks and compiles results from the following search engines and online databases: Google, Yahoo, Inktomi, AskJeeves, Overture, Espotting, WebFinder, Mirago, Turbo10, About.« Source


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Critical points

Features & Functionality

»You type your search words ONCE, then all4one sends the request to YAHOO, LYCOS, ALTA VISTA AND WEBCRAWLER. The results are then displayed quite quickly, and almost simultaneously, in 4 NETSCAPE 'Frames'.« Source


Since 2005 the SeEn is a kind of SeEn portal with a collection of SeEn information (K.).

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