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Meta search engine

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Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»MetaBug crawls the following top search engines for you: Yahoo, AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos, Excite, Webcrawler, HotBot« Source

MetaBoy was a partner project of MetaBug. It's mentioned on the MetaBug page...: "MetaBoy (I'm still a boy - let's look one after the other!) Let me introduce my son, MetaBoy! Take him with you while you surf the Web. He will let you search the Web with each of major search engine one-by-one." Source

MetaBoy was a kind of multi search engine Source


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Features & Functionality

»AccuLevel: The default setting is 3. The higher the number is, the more accurate results are expected to be returned. Because it will give MetaBug more time to gather and return data. Results per page: The default setting is 10 results per page. You can specify how many results to show on a single page view. Search Title Only: By checking this option, MetaBug will only search the title of web sites for your search terms. The default is 'un-checked'. Show Summary: By checking this option, MetaBug will format the summary of the web sites and returns them for you. The default setting is 'checked'. Any, All, Phrase options: Any - MetaBug searches for any words you input as search terms. The special syntax (+) (-) may be used. All - MetaBug searches for all the words specified as search terms. Phrase - MetaBug translates the search terms as a phrase and performs a search for the web sites which contain the phrase. Sort by Relevancy: By checking this option, MetaBug will perform a special relevancy calculation based on the inputted search terms. This is recommended especially for users who are making MetaBug work for research purposes. The default setting is 'unchecked« Source


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