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»InFind is the first and only search tool that calls out in parallel all the best search engines on the internet, merges the results, removes redundancies, and clusters the results into neat understandable groupings.

Currently we are calling ten of the leading Internet search engines. Each of these search engines is automatically called in parallel, and retrieves the maximum number of results each engine will allow. Therefore, without InFind, it would take you 10 searches by hand, and still you couldn't produce the huge list of results that InFind does. That's because InFind searches each engine with the absolute maximum each engine will allow. This is far greater than the default that most users search with. And why should a user ask for hundreds of the best documents back? What would he do with them all!

This is where "clustering" comes in. After retrieving this huge list results, InFind clusters the search results. Clustering is basically a process of putting similar items together. While other search engines sort their results by how well they match the query, InFind gets all the best results, and then groups the related items together. This makes the large results returned very understandable. You can quickly seee which documents are relevant and which are irrelevant.« Source


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