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Meta search engine
Manually by a team of volunteers selected sites SeEn (also called Social Media SeEn)

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»EarthFrisk prouds itself as a people’s search engine powered by a meta-community with a facility for social rating of its community members. Ok, in simple terms, EarthFrisk is one of those social search engines that collects search results from once again the various existing search engines, filters these results, and presents the most relevant results to users.« Source

»Michael Lodispoto, managing member of said:

“We’ve created the first search engine where the community can vote and comment on the very best search results, which are the top searches of Google, MSN’s Live and Yahoo, among others, all with less spam.”

With the dearth of social search engines that keep sprawling on the web, the most important thing that these search engines must do is come up with a feature that is unique to itself if not at least unique to some other meta-search engines. For EarthFrisk, it comes in the form of a rating system. EarthFrisk’s patent pending rating system allows community members to rate websites, blogs and even people through color value scheme. EarthFrisk displays a the ratings on a the EarthFrisk toolbar which can be downloaded and installed just like your ordinary search engine toolbars. The EarthFrisk toolbar is fully customizable where you can put a link to your own site« Source


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Zafra, Arnold (2008): EarthFrisk: Another Meta-HyBrid Search Engine Rises. Online available at: Search Engine Journal URL:

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