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Launched 2001
Closed As of 2009 WindSeek redirects to Entireweb.


Country of Origin Sweden

2001 - 2009

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta search engine

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Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»Pulls results from many of the major search engines simultaneously with lightning speed and accuracy.« Source

PRWEB (March 27, 2004): »On the heels of announcing a new search technology at, AB is now pleased to introduce a new meta-search technology at This new lightning fast, easy-to-use meta-search engine is our next step to becoming a full-size provider of online search experience. With a highly scalable meta-search engine technology, friendly interface and reliable search results, is one of the strongest challengers to more recognized meta-search engines on the web today. pull results from many of the major search engines simultaneously with lightning speed and accuracy. Meta-Search engines, like, are dependent upon the content of the databases they query. Having good, reliable sources is therefore very important to the success of meta-search. By querying multiple sources, meta-search engines present searchers with a more complete representation of what's available on the World Wide Web. "The success of the development of has been very important for us. We believe that can give the major meta-search engines some worries and hopefully the users can find their way to as well," says AB's CEO, Marcus Andersson.« Source


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PRWEB (March 27, 2004): Introduces New Meta-Search Engine URL:

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