Language English

Launched 2010
Closed 2013 or later

Developer Meskó, Bertalan

Country of Origin Hungary

2010 - 2013 Meskó, Bertalan

Topic Search engine for Health & Medical Information

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Deep Web SeEn

Used SeEn PolyMeta

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»Science Roll is a medical blog run by Bertalan Meskó who, with the help of has created a well structured medical search database. The user chooses which databases to search in and which one to exclude from your list. [...] The addition of MeSH terms is another great improvement. If you do a search for heart attack, it will let you know you should also consider myocardial infarction (a MeSH synonym) immediately below the search bar and within the ‘Topic Clusters’.« Source

2009: »Tell us a little about ScienceRoll. When was it launched? What was your primary motivation for creating it? How is it different from PubMed, Mednar and SearchMedica? First, we should make a difference here as Scienceroll is my medical blog, while Scienceroll Search is the search engine the Polymeta team created based on my ideas. I gave a slideshow about web 2.0 and medicine at University of Yale, School of Medicine in January, 2008 and after the presentation, doctors told me they had too much information when doing a search in Pubmed and they would need a tool that could help them organize the many search results. So I traveled back to Hungary and had a brainstorming with the Polymeta team about how to solve this problem. A few days later, the first version was ready to be used. Of course, later we added several new databases and a few more concepts but that was how the main idea was born. What is your relationship with PolyMeta? We have been working on a Hungarian patient community site ( for years and I’ve been using their medical search engine in my studies ( So when I came up with the idea of Scienceroll Search, it was quite clear that team was the only one who could make it happen. What can I do in ScienceRoll that I can’t do in any other medical search engine? Scienceroll Search is based on solving the problem of having too many sites to check when searching for a medical condition or procedure. When a doctor needs information on a medical condition, they have to check several search engines, not just Pubmed. Or when they’re looking for drug information, there are several drug databases to use. So we thought we could help them by implementing all these useful searches into one place where they can also organize information based on relevance or date (a new feature that will be released soon). And the cluster tree helps them how to continue the search if they couldn’t find what they were looking for among the first results. I get a little confused between your blog ScienceRoll and the search engine ScienceRoll. When I go a Google search to find the latter, I get taken to the former. Is branding a challenge? is the brand that I’ve been building for years. Scienceroll Search was created based on a simple solution for a major problem. We don’t plan to monetize it or to have any kind of business plan regarding this search engine. It was designed for the public and we encourage all doctors to give us feedback about which databases to include and which one to exclude from our list. How did you determine what resources would be rendered searchable on ScienceRoll? For example, how did you determine what to include under the rubric, “Organizations?” Do you plan to include those that are available in Mednar, for instance? We are totally open to new ideas and suggestions. That should be a collaborative project as our aim is to help the medical community as much as possible. In the first step, I tried to include the most important, most reliable resources. And the reason why I created groups out of them is to help physicians navigate among the resources. ...« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»Scienceroll Medical Search is a personalized medical metasearch engine. You can choose the databases you want to search in and exclude any of them to make your search as individualized as possible.« Source


»ScienceRoll Medical Search is a showcase demo of our PolyMeta search engine. We are able to implement similar custom search solutions.« Source

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