Ask Image Search

Language Multilingual

Launched 2006
Closed Sommer 2016

Developer Ask Jeeves (Started in 1996 as Ask Jeeves Inc., since 2006 IAC Search & Media, Inc.)

Country of Origin US America

2006 - [...] Ask Jeeves (Started in 1996 as Ask Jeeves Inc., since 2006 IAC Search & Media, Inc.)

Topic Image SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Image Search Engine

Used SeEn Ask Jeeves/ Ask Image Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Loren Baker (2006) »Ask Jeeves is expanding its internal search offerings by launching its first proprietary image search technology, available on Ask Jeeves at Ask Picture Search is the engine’s first internally-created index of images with new & innovative image search ranking algorithms. Image Search accounts for 16% of all searches on Ask Jeeves. “Image search is the second-leading type of search on Ask Jeeves after Web search. The improvements we are introducing today move the needle for searchers where they really need it,” said Jim Lanzone, senior vice president of search properties at Ask Jeeves, Inc. Ask Jeeves’ new Image Search includes improved ranking algorithms, patent-pending image recognition technologies and, for the first time, Ask’s own image index. Ask says that The image search technology utilizes Ask Jeeves’ unique algorithmic search ranking, which clusters the Web into topic areas and determines the authoritativeness of pages and images among their topic community. This approach requires additional computations beyond that of other ranking methodologies that simply evaluate the popularity of pages and images on the Web at large. Ask Jeeves combines this methodology with new sophisticated image recognition technologies to further increase relevance. These patent-pending recognition technologies measure a wide variety of image attributes, such as image type, shape, brightness and contrast level to determine picture quality. The combination returns extremely relevant, high quality images for unparalleled visual relevance. “Our new image search combines Ask Jeeves’ unique text ranking and clustering algorithms with sophisticated image recognition technologies and our new image index,” said Apostolos Gerasoulis, executive vice president of search technology for Ask Jeeves. “Our goal is to give users the best technology and tools to get the most out of the Image Web.” Additionally, Ask Jeeves is expanding Image Smart Answers and all image search results can be saved to users’ MyJeeves personalized search by clicking the ‘save’ link under each image.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

FELICE SCHMERTZLER (2012): »Similar to Bing and Yahoo, Ask provides the most “popular images searches” when you arrive on the image search homepage. As you can see, it is very seasonal and most items have to do with the Thanksgiving and fall because it is that time of year. Again, this should be very helpful in finding current images quickly (especially seasonal images) as well as generally staying involved in what is popular. Unfortunately, Ask doesn’t provide the best service. Say, for example, I really liked the image it shows as the label for “Thanksgiving.” It seems that I should be able to access that picture by clicking on it right? It turns out that is not a possibility for Ask. Clicking on the images will redirect you to other images that are related to Thanksgiving, but not the one that first drew you in. Furthermore, there are very few images shown on the first page and they are not the highest of quality. However, most users will continue to input a specific search query and hope for good results. Using “Biotechnology” as our test query, Ask provides an initial page with a set number of results and numbers at the bottom to lead you to the next pages of results. Ads– Ask is well-known for cluttering the search page with related ads and image search is no different. You will find ads before and after your results on the site. These, to say the least, are usually not helpful.(Note: the ads for biotechnology appear after the image results, but this is an uncommon in comparison to most searches where ads appear at the very beginning). Related Searches– At the top of the site, you will find related searches. The related searches to biotechnology are “Types of biotechnology”, “Importance of Biotechnology” and so on. Clearly, these are general related search and not specific to an image search in any way. This may be informative to help you learn more about the topic, but its not helping the cause of finding the best quality images. Filters– Ask provides two filters: Size (Small, Medium, Large, Wallpaper) and Color (Black and White only, Color only). However, limiting to any of these filters will provide far fewer results than you can get on other search engines. “You might also ask“- this is a section on the side that takes you to other topics you may be curious about related to your search. In regards to Biotechnology, you might ask “What is biotechnology?” and “What does biotechnology mean?” Again, these are general searches and are not helpful for an image search. Related News- Lastly you will see a section on related news (Biotechnology Research and Market Changes). Again this is not helpful for an image search.« Source


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