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Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline »Jan. 1996 - WebCrawler replaces Magellan on Netscape Net Search page.« ---------- »4/29/97 - Yahoo's Netscape Guide by Yahoo debuts, replacing the Netscape Destinations page« ---------- »5/6/97 - New Netscape Net Search page opens« ---------- »6/6/97 - Netscape submits Meta Content Framework using XML to W3C.« ---------- »7/21/97 - Excite announces that it will be producing the "International Netscape Guide by Excite" for Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Australia.« ---------- »Sept. 1997 - WiseWire added the Netscape Net Search page.« ---------- »10/7/97 - GTE files suit against Yahoo, Netscape and Baby Bells alleging they are limiting Internet yellow pages competition after changes to the Netscape Guide.« ---------- »2/11/98 - Excite launches "Netscape Guide by Excite UK," the third international guide that it has produced for Netscape. It maintains similar ones for Japan and Germany.« ---------- »5/4/98 - Excite announced $70 million deal to power Netscape search and produce content for Netscape's Netcenter.« ---------- »6/30/98 - Netscape launches revamped Netcenter guide.« ---------- »11/2/98 - Netscape begin trial of Direct Hit.« ---------- »11/18/98 - Netscape acquires the NewHoo directory.« ---------- »11/24/98 - AOL announces it will purchase Netscape in a $4 billion stock swap, with the online company taking over Netscape's portal site and browser operations, and Sun taking over Netscape's business software operations.« ---------- »Jan. 1999 - Netscape launches a branded version of the former NewHoo directory.« ---------- »May 1999 - Excite announces it will end its cobranding deal with Netscape.« ---------- »Jun. 1999 - Netscape launches a revamped Netscape Search service that uses information from the Open Directory and technology from Google.« ---------- Source


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