The Swedish search engine Entireweb developed by Marcus Andersson was launched in 1999. It looks like Entireweb still uses its own crawler and index. The Speedy Spider Robot is still active today, but the results are similar to those of Bing. The search engine is a search portal that offers a image, video and news search in addition to the web search.

Language English, Swedish

Launched 1999
Closed No

Developer Andersson, Marcus

Country of Origin Sweden

1999 - 2010
2010 - [...] Entireweb Sweden AB (formerly

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Crawler-based, algorithmic SeEn

Used SeEn Entireweb

Robot: Speedy Spider (Source)

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»Entireweb's goal is to be a leading supplier of search technology solutions. The international Web search engine is not only a highly popular general purpose search engine used by millions of people around the world — it is also a showcase of our search technology and our expertise in the field of ultra-high-performance information retrieval from huge unstructured data sources.

Entireweb currently handles millions of searches every month, and is a trusted partner of internationally acclaimed search engines such as Exactseek and IxQuick, who rely on Entireweb to provide world-class search results.

Entireweb is a trademark of Entireweb Sweden AB, a privately held, profitable corporation based in Halmstad, Sweden. Entireweb Sweden AB, incorporated in 1999, is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art search technology for both Internet and Intranet environments.

1999. Entireweb Sweden AB (formerly AB) was founded by Marcus Andersson in Halmstad, Sweden. [In the beginning it works as a directory, K.]

2000. The international search engine was launched.

2001. Entireweb acquires all technology from, one of Europe's leading search engines and portals at this time.

2003. Entireweb launches a new search technology, partially based on EuroSeek.

2004. Entireweb introduces its pay-per-click advertising solution, SpeedyAds.

2007. Entireweb launches Entireweb 2.0, a completely new, world-class search engine technology after 4 years of development.

2010. On April 7th, Entireweb brings their brand new search engine, Entireweb 3.0 to the market, this time to compete with the market leaders.« Source

PRWEB (February 12, 2004): »With this new search technology we have taken one step further towards our goal to be a strong search engine provider with an advanced, easy-to-use search product. This highly scalable search engine technology, designed for maximum performance and relevant results, make use of textual analysis, Web page popularity, and much more to provide highly relevant search results to our users and partners. Entireweb uses's new search technology with aprox. 100 million documents in its index and the goal is to have 500 million documents in the index at the end of year 2004.

With our spider (SpeedySpider) we are spidering the web in a never-ending process where the information from the spidered sites is ordered based on a variety of factors such as title, page-content, description, link-frequency, and numerous other factors and then is presented as search results at Entireweb and to our partners. Choose to search in 29 languages, in a specific region, continent or just from a specific domain or a combination of them all. Use related links within your results or take advantage of our advanced search facility that lets you refine your search.

All this to have our search engine delivering the most relevant search results to our users and partners. Entireweb ignores common words and characters such as "at" and "how", as well as certain single digits and single letters. Entireweb will indicate if a common word has been excluded by displaying details on the results page.

About Entireweb Entireweb is quickly becoming a new favourite among millions of Internet users because of its user-friendly interface and reliable search results. Since Entireweb went online in May 2000, it has continued to grow and to become a strong competitor to more established search engines.

Entireweb's focus is to be a strong competitor in the search engine market with an easy-to-use and high performance search engine.

Currently Entireweb feeds several partners like and with its search results.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

»... EntireWeb is a search engine that requires pages to submit their websites to it for free. This results in a much less crowded search space and guarantees those who submit are less likely to be drowned out by other competition. Queries can be submitted for regular Web search, image search, or real-time search.« Source


Example results page for "sand": Source

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