WebSearch was developed by First Cash Reserve, which later renamed itself IBIS and then XACTI. Later it was spun off into the Crawler Group. WebSearch started in 2003 as a meta search engine. It combined paid hit sites with content from leading web search engines. Today it is a search interface that receives its content from Bing. For a while, the browser toolbar was suspected of being unwanted software, which is why it was discontinued.

Language English

Launched 2003
Closed No

Developer First Cash Reserve, LCC (2004 renamed IBIS, LLC)

Country of Origin US America

2003 - 2004 First Cash Reserve, LCC (2004 renamed IBIS, LLC)
2004 - 2008 IBIS, LLC (2008, renamed XACTI, LLC)
2008 - 2011 XACTI, LLC
2011 - [...] Crawler Group (»Crawler Group is one of a family of companies in the Xacti Group.«)

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Browser Hijack, Spyware, Adware (installed without the permission of the user)
Meta SeEn

Used SeEn Yahoo

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

» IBIS, LLC, a leading provider of Internet products and services, announces that it will discontinue distribution of its flagship product, WebSearch Toolbar.

Amid concerns that WebSearch was being labeled as spyware, the company initiated action to rectify controversial aspects of the product in order to refute spyware claims.

WebSearch Toolbar is a free Internet Explorer plug-in allowing users to search the web using search box and includes customizable functions. Although WebSearch Toolbar is not spyware, adware or malware it did facilitate a program that displays popup/popunder ads.

Additionally, WebSearch may have been unknowingly installed onto users systems through drives by software distributors. This practice has ceased through a stricter distribution compliance policy.

The actions which IBIS has taken to rectify the situation include:

Removing WinTools, a popup/popunder program, from the software bundle

Ceasing ActiveX distribution

Ceasing distribution through partners

Redesigning the toolbar to meet all requirements on downloadable applications

Shifting company focus to new Crawler™ products including Spyware Terminator™

IBIS's new Crawler Toolbar is web search and navigation software that is offered at no cost to the end user and works within Internet Explorer. Crawler Toolbar was developed to comply with the highest industry standards and user expectations. The highly customizable product provides added functionality to the user's desktop and enhances the entertainment value of their online experience.

The company's new Spyware Terminator eradicates spyware and adware from users' computers. IBIS has substantially invested into the development of a high-end product that is offered at no cost to consumers and even includes free real-time protection.

Both Crawler Toolbar and Spyware Terminator are available at download com.

New Business Model:

IBIS has traditionally developed new revenue channels for online advertisers, allowing them to market their wares directly to consumers' desktops. While IBIS once used brilliant technology to operate in this arena, the company has since revised its business model and reversed its entire culture.« Source


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