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AOL Music was first and foremost a music portal, it started in 2005 and was online until 2013. Here you could watch music videos for free. These videos were the so-called AOL Sessons - mostly acoustic versions of songs recorded especially for AOL. You could also listen to the radio, search for news about musicians, pictures or music. Viewed this way, it was a multimedia search.

AOL gained its first experience with a music search as early as 2001 with its Winamp application. For just four weeks, Winamp included a web-based MP3 search, but unfortunately they were not able to exclude illegal music content, so the search was quickly stopped again.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2004
Closed 2013

Developer AOL

Country of Origin US America

2004 - 2013 AOL

Topic Music, Sound & Video Search engine

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Video file search
Multi media search

Used SeEn AOL Music Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

2005: »About 3 billion music videos were viewed on Yahoo's portal last year and AOL says it gets 3 to 5 million music video requests per day at AOL Music.« Source

Bill Kules, Jack Kustanowitz and Ben Shneiderman (2006): »The Music Genre classifier was constructed to categorize search results from the AOL Music search engine into a two-level musical genre. It uses the open source CDDB database, which contains entries for 1.9 million CDs. At query time, the song title, artist, and album are used to index into the CDDB data and find the entry for that song. The genre is then extracted from the entry. A similar classifier was built to categorize songs by song era. It illustrates how search results with limited meta-data (in this case, song title, artist, and album title) can be augmented by integrating large-scale knowledge resources in a simple, yet novel way. « Source

2012: »With this website you are able to watch free music videos, listen to AOL Radio online, download music, read latest news about artists, and search for your favorite songs. Registration not required.« Source

See also Winamp MP3 search: Source


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