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»Another type of image search is available from the beta of Netvue which has the tag line of "The image search with full-size results." Thumbnail results appear on the left with a slide show of larger images in the center of the page. With the loading of these larger images, the response is slower at Netvue than at other image search engines. Netvue also boasts that "Other image search engines are fallable (sic) because they show thumbnails for content which may be inaccessable to you. Quite often, a user spends their time looking at "Page Not Found" errors and is forced to go 'back' and try their luck with clicking another thumbnail. Netvue is free of these hassles because it retrieves the full-sized image itself, skipping those that no longer exist."« Source


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»Type in your image search and Netvue goes away and finds matches which it displays on the screen in two ways - as an image in the main body of the screen and as a thumbshot on the side. It then runs through the images as a slideshow.« Source


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