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ZapMeta is a search engine founded in 2001 by the Dutch company Visymo. ZapMeta is a meta search engine that initially offered interesting results processing. There were different possibilities of result processing and visualization. Today ZapMeta is a search portal that offers image, video, Wikipedia and news search in addition to web search. The search engines Yahoo, Bing and Entireweb are used. YouTube is used for video search and Wikipedia is used for wiki search.

The Dutch company B.V. offers the search engines,, iZito and ZapMeta.


Launched 2008
Closed January 2012

Developer Visymo Search Media Group

Country of Origin


Topic Music, Sound & Video Search engine


Technical functionalities

Used SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


»ZapMeta is not a word that exists in any dictionary; it“s simply a name we created to reflect our own definition. "Zap" is the term we use for our method of retrieving search results from multiple search engines quickly. Just like a lightning bolt, our method is powerful and fast. The "Meta" indicates that we are a "meta"-search engine, a type of engine that gathers results from multiple engines and directories.« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

»ZapMeta finds the best results for you by searching simultaneously through multiple sources. Ordinary search engines only search in their own database. How high a search result appears on ZapMeta is dependent on the position of the results found and the number of times a search result occurs in multiple machines.« Source


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Created: 2016-01-23