All4one [2005 - 2015]

[NOTE: The site is still available, but does not offer any results anymore, 2015.] ✓

All4one started in 1996 as a parallel search engine. It was developed by John E Haag. A search query was sent to the four search engines Yahoo, Lycos, Alta Vista and WebCrawler at the same time. On the All4one results page, the results pages of the four search engines were displayed side by side in frames, which the user could then compare with each other. All4one was discontinued in 2002 and reopened in 2005 by a new, unknown provider. Since then, the search engine has worked as a metasearch, which compiles the contents of Google, Yahoo, Inktomi, AskJeeves, Overture, Espotting, WebFinder, Mirago, Turbo10 and About and displays them in a uniform, self-ranked result field.

Besides the metasearch All4one offers a kind of information portal with information about search engines. The site is still online today (2019) but has not offered any results since 2015.

Language English

Launched 2005
Closed The SeEn first closed in 2002 and was reopened in 2005. Later it offerd no real meta search anymore and today (2015) there is no websearch any longer.

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin US America

2005 - 2015 Unknown

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta search engine

Used SeEn Google Search Engine
Ask Jeeves / Ask SeEn
Turbo10 SeEn

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

2005: »Since changing ownership in 2005, All4One now instantly checks and compiles results from the following search engines and online databases: Google, Yahoo, Inktomi, AskJeeves, Overture, Espotting, WebFinder, Mirago, Turbo10, About.« Source

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Example result page for "Top Ten Music Chart"(2008): Source

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