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Searchalot, 100 SEARCH ENGINES and All the Internet are sister sites of Advanced Search Technologies. All three offer a meta search and search links with a link to the results page of the search engines selected by the user without their own results page. The image, video and news search offered also does not have its own results page, but a link to the results page of the selected search engine.

Since 2005 All the Internet offers an image search. This is a multisearch. The user can choose between Bing Images, Flickr, Giphy, Google Images, Open Clipart and Pixabay. There is no own result page, it is linked in each case with the result page of the search offerers. Other image search engines have been made available in the past, including Ditto, PicSearch, AltaVista image search, All the Web and others.

Language English

Launched 2005
Closed No

Developer Advanced Search Technologies

Country of Origin US America

2005 - [...] Advanced Search Technologies

Topic Image SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Parallel Search
Dashboard Search, Bookmark page

Used SeEn Google Image Search
Bing Image Search
Alltheweb Image Search
AltaVista Image search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


»Why use one search engine when you can have All the Internet.« Source

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