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Launched 1998
Closed Since 2017 the AOL News page does not offer a search anymore.

Developer AOL

Country of Origin US America

1998 - 2017 AOL

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»AOL recently revamped its AOL News site, and I was pleased to discover that I’m apparently not alone with the Xbox flashing three lights problem, since a story about that was front and center on the home page. So how about more? A search on Xbox is disappointing. AOL gives me mostly AP stories while Google gives me a range from a variety of sources. I do like at AOL how you can narrow to Business, Sports and Entertainment news. But that’s mainly because of the fewer sources being checked« Source

Greg Jarboe (2005): »AOL News has quietly and quickly sprinted into a leading news search engine, joining Yahoo News, Google News and as a primary destination for online news.

When America Online launched of its new portal back on June 21, the relaunch of AOL News went largely unnoticed. However, Nielsen//NetRatings has just disclosed its monthly data for July 2005 and it turns out that AOL News has a unique audience of 16.5 million.

While the unique audience of AOL News is about 29% smaller than Yahoo News, AOL News is more than 2.4 times larger than Google News and almost 6.8 times larger than This catapults AOL News into the big league of news search engines.
While AOL Search is still powered by Google, AOL News is not a clone of Google News. It includes an AOL Newsroom section, which contains articles that have been hand-picked and enhanced by AOL News Editors to include multimedia content - including video, audio or photos - as well as links to other relevant content on AOL and the Web.« Source


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