Launched September 1996
Closed 2005

Developer Mauldin, Dr. Michael L. and his team at Carnegie Mellon University Center for Machine Translation

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Julia Angwin (December 17, 1996): » Lycos [...] is the first commercial search engine to allow users to search for pictures. It launched the service in September.

Lycos officials hope it will differentiate them from the competition.

``If you have a child who is doing a report on dolphins for school and you want to find pictures of dolphins, or audio files of dolphin sounds, you can find those using Lycos,'' said Sarah Garnsey, spokeswoman for the Marlboro, Mass., company.

However, the Lycos search engine cannot identify characteristics of the photograph, such as color, black and white or number of people in it.

Analysts are reserved about the usefulness of the picture databases.

``It's neat, but it's not obvious what the application is for normal people,'' said Keith Benjamin, analyst at Robertson Stephens in San Francisco. « Source


»The name Lycos comes from Lycosidae, the scientific name for the "wolf spider". Wolf spiders are excellent hunters that catch their prey by running after it instead of catching it in a web. They are named "wolf" spiders because people once mistakenly thought that they hunted in packs.« Source

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