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From 2001 to 2010 Alltheweb offered a Pictures Search. The multimedia crawler of FAST/AllTheWeb searched specifically for files like jpg, gif, bmp. On the result page thumbnails with links to a larger image and further information (page title, environment text, file type, file size and pixel size) were displayed. From there, the user could view the image in full size or in its original context.

Language Multilingual

Launched 2001
Closed 2010

Developer Fast Search & Transfer (FAST)

Country of Origin Norway

2001 - 2003 Fast Search & Transfer (FAST)
2003 - 2004 Overture
2004 - 2010 Yahoo Inc

Topic Image SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Image file search

Used SeEn Alltheweb (FAST) Pictures

Robot: FAST-WebCrawler/3.x Multimedia (Source)

Robot: Yahoo-MMCrawler/3.x (Source)

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

TASI (2003): »Scope: Very big and up-to-date. Claims more than 2 billion Web sites, but does not specify number of images

Search Options: Simple and advanced search options, though not the same sophistication as its general Web page search. Quietly supports Boolean and phrases, but not wildcards. Can limit a search by file type or colour and filter out adult material. Can search within results

Performance: Reasonable performance, with quick and generally useful results. No duplication observed, but the occasional dead link and adult image appeared (despite the adult filter)

Presentation: Thumbnails first (up to 24 to a page) with links to a larger image and more information: page title, surrounding text, file type, file size and pixel dimensions. From there users can view the full sized image by itself or in its original context. There are clear warnings about copyright« Source

Gary D. Price (2001): »AllTheWeb's Multimedia Catalogs: Access to approximately 118 million images, videos, and sound files. Make sure to apprise yourself of any and all copyright issues that might apply to using this material. Material located in these special databases is not directly accessible from AllTheWeb's primary search result sets. ATW uses a specialized crawl of the Web to build them.
Limits include: File Format (jpg, gif, bmp), Type (color, b&w, line art), Background (Transparent, Non-Transparent) « Source


»AlltheWeb took its name from the original mission of its creator, FAST Search and Transfer of Norway -- to provide the most comprehensive index of the world wide web.« Source

Critical points

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TASI (2003): A Review of Image Search Engines URL:

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