status[1373] is a search interface that uses the Bing search engine. In addition to the web search, offers an image and video search. The news search is only a link to Bing News. The site only has its own start page and no results page. All requests are directly linked to Bing. is considered a virus due to an aggressive marketing strategy (self-installation without the user's consent). There is no information about the developer or owner. The site looks like a copy of Conduit.

Language English

Launched 2019
Closed No

Developer Unknown

Country of Origin


Topic Universal


Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Browser Hijack, Spyware, Adware (installed without the permission of the user)

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


Critical points

Features & Functionality


References & further Publications

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Created: 2019-10-09