Search the web to raise money for good causes.

Givero is a search engine from Denmark. Developer and owner is Brian Rasmusson. Givero uses the search content from Bing. It presents itself as a charity search engine. Half of the revenue is donated to social projects. The user can choose between different well-known organisations (Save the Children, WWF and others). Givero has been developed since 2018 and officially launched in February 2019.

Language English, Danish

Launched February 2019
Closed No

Developer Rasmusson, Brian

Country of Origin Denmark

2019 - [...] Rasmusson, Brian

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API
Charity or Green Search often called GOOD Search

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Givero Introduction (2019): »Givero is a privately owned company located in Holbaek, Denmark. Givero’s owner, Brian Rasmusson, has a long history as an entrepreneur. Brian believes tech companies in the coming years need to take social responsibility and contribute positively to the development of our society.« Source

Givero Introduction (2019): »Using Givero you’re not only making an impact on the world, but you’re also choosing a data ethical search engine. Your searches are kept safe, and your search history isn’t kept or correlated with your behavior.« Source

Brian Rasmusson (2019) via Hacker News: »Givero is a search engine that shares its revenue with good causes you choose. We silently opened to the public about a month ago, and we are currently putting the final touches on the site and story, and working on onboarding more charities. Right now you can support charities working for climate, animals and children.

Since we have a lot of DuckDuckGo fans on here, I think I should mention that Givero: * Has DuckDuckGo compatible bangs * Has Instant Answers (just launched the first 3, more to come) * Is Privacy centric. * Is Bing based, like DDG. * Is Euro hosted.

So a good mix of DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, with the key difference being that we donate 50% of our entire revenue to charities you choose.

Full disclosure: I am the founder. We're a small team based in Denmark, formerly working on Findx (privacy search engine with own index), which shut down last year.« Source


A pun on giving, donating?

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