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BioMedSearch is a US American search engine which combines content from Pubmed with full texts from dissertation databases. BioMedSearch was developed by SumoBrain and started in 2009 or earlier. The scientific search engine offers an advanced search, the use of MESH headings, export functions for literature management programs and for registered users there are other functions such as alerts.

Language English

Launched 2010
Closed No

Developer SumoBrain

Country of Origin US America

2006 - [...] SumoBrain

Topic Search engine for Health & Medical Information

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search engine for databases, repositories, portals and other closed (deep web) or open content collections

Used SeEn BioMedSearch

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

»BioMedSearch is a biomedical search engine that contains NIH/PubMed documents, a large collection of theses, dissertations, and other proprietary publications not found anywhere else for free, making it one of the most comprehensive and powerful free biomedical searches.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality


Example results page for "sand": Source

References & further Publications

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Other Sources

Christopher Fisher (2009): Excellent Free Resource: URL:
ICIC Speaker James Ryley URL:
The image of science: Google-like Biomedical Image Search Engine for pros URL:

Created: 2019-05-04