Language Chinese

Launched 2013
Closed No

Developer Alibaba Group and UCWeb

Country of Origin China

2013 - 2014 Alibaba Group and UCWeb
2014 - [...] Alibaba Group

Topic Universal

Region China

Technical functionalities
Search engine for mobile devices

Used SeEn Shenma

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

About: »Shenma is a search engine focused on the mobile Internet, and is committed to creating a convenient, fast and open mobile search experience for users. Shenma is an entrepreneurial team, which is jointly established by the well-known mobile browser UC Vision and China's Internet industry leader Alibaba. It is composed of senior employees from domestic and foreign IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, Baidu and 360. We firmly believe that mobile Internet will make search more intelligent and make life better.« Source

China Internet Watch: »Shenma search was a co-founded mobile search engine by UCWeb and Alibaba in 2013; and, Alibaba acquired UCWeb in 2014.« Source


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