Bing China Academic

Bing China Academic is the Chinese edition of Microsoft Academic. It was launched in 2015 as part of Bing's Chinese search portal. In comparison to the English version, the results are presented in a simple edition, whereby the results can be refined by limiting the publication year, author, affiliation, etc. Whether the sources are identical is not clear, but the ranking is not identical in any case.

Language Chinese, English

Launched 2015
Closed February 2019

Developer Microsoft Research Asia

Country of Origin China

2015 - 2019 Microsoft

Topic Academic, Scientific or Educational Search engine

Region China

Technical functionalities
Robot/Crawler based, algorithmic search
Search engine for databases, repositories, portals and other closed (deep web) or open content collections

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

You can find an overview of Microsoft Academic here: Source


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Created: 2019-03-14