"Durch die Verwendung mehrerer Clustering-Methoden, bietet Vivísimo eine sehr hilfreiche Visualisierung der Suchergebnisse."

Language English

Launched 2001
Closed 2006

Developer Vivisimo, Inc.

Country of Origin

2001 - 2006 Vivisimo, Inc.

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta SeEn
Visual results SeEn
Clustering SeEn

Used SeEn Yahoo
MSN Search
Alltheweb (FAST SeEn)
AOL Search

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Sherman, Chris (Mar 22, 2005): »Enter a search term, and Vivismo will not only pull back matching responses from major search engines but also automatically organize the pages into categories. Slick and easy to use. Vivisimo won second place for Best Meta Search Engine in the 2003 Search Engine Watch awards and winner in 2002.« Source


The seEn is nameed after the discovery and navigation software company Vivisimo, Inc. »The name was taken from the Spanish root vivo meaning "lively" or "clever," with the Spanish suffix -isimo indicating a superlative. Earlier marketing tied this to the company's older tagline, "bright, lively, and intelligent."« Source

Critical points

Features & Functionality

Vivisimo's »breakthrough technology automatically categorizes textual information into crisp, meaningful, hierarchically sorted category folders. This unique technology differs from other classification techniques in that it is fully automated, requires no maintenance, and achieves high-quality results on any type of textual content with little or no customization. With Vivísimo, end-users find information faster, they learn at a glance the types of information that are available and they uncover results that otherwise would remain buried.« Source


»The Institute of Physics Publishing (IOPP;, a U.K.-based scholarly society publisher with a record of innovation in electronic publishing, has selected Vivísimo (, a Pittsburgh-based advanced search engine company, to enhance its Electronic Journals service. Vivísimo runs a highly acclaimed Web metasearch engine, but it also markets its software to publishers and other data-hungry environments.« Source

References & further Publications

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Other Sources

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