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Launched 2005
Closed 2012

Developer Hamilton, Nigel and Megan

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2005 - 2012 Trexy Limited

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

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Meta SeEn
SeEn based on social or user behavior

Used SeEn 3,292 SeEn and Databases in 2005

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»New York, 28 February 2006. announced the launch of its new search trails technology today, inspiration for which dates way back to a visionary paper written in 1945. is inspired by scientist and visionary, Dr. Vannevar Bush, who in the 1940’s shared his vision of creating a collective memory by recording peoples' trails through information. Bush shared this vision in his paper, “As We May Think.”

Bush dreamt of a device called a “Memex” – an enhanced supplement to personal and community memory created by trailblazers: “those who find delight in the task of establishing useful trails through the enormous mass of the common record.”

London based aims to fulfill the trailblazing aspects of Bush’s vision by enabling users to create search trails. Search trails are the pathways users create while searching on their favourite engines like Google, MSN and Ask Jeeves.

Trexy’s CEO and Inventor, Nigel Hamilton said: “Every day we all make personal discoveries and traverse trails from what we're looking for, to what we find - but sometimes we forget. What did I search on again? What was I looking for? How did I find that?”

“We're all in an endless loop of searching, finding, sometimes forgetting and the procedure repeats. Wouldn't it be good if you could harness all this effort? Wouldn’t it be good if you could remember your personal search trails and also follow the search trails of others?” he said. remembers the search terms and the web pages visited on over 3000 engines. Trexy also enables users to follow the anonymous search trails of other searchers.

“Instead of searching for the same thing twice, Trexy helps you to pinpoint information you’ve already found. So you’ll never have to ask yourself, “Where did I find that again?” Nigel Hamilton said.

Search trails can be created at or by downloading a free toolbar called the Trexy TrailBar ( Trexy is free to use. officially launches today at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York.« Source


»Trexy is our trailblazing mascot. Apart from an adventurous spirit Trexy has lots of other personal qualities. We needed an animal that makes and follows trails. So why did we choose a goat? Turns out I spent too much time following a goat trail at university so it really had to be a goat. The only thing left to do was to give this trailblazing goat a name. It's at this point we wanted to pay homage to the main source of inspiration behind Trexy, a 1945 paper written by Vannevar Bush and his wild idea of a device that acts as an intimate supplement to individual and collective memory - a way of recording trails of association - the Memex.« Source

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