logo_1996/ is a CNET product that was launched in mid-March 1996 and was originally a multisearch site that comprised more than 250 websites. From the outset, CNET has also provided its own content. From 1997 to 1999, Infoseek's search was used. In October 1999, CNET purchased SavySearch and used its metasearch technology to offer as a metasearch engine. CNET was acquired by CBS in 2008. In 2016 there was a contract with Bing and the content from Bing was used. Today, searches the CBS web pages and offerings.

Language English

Launched March 1996
Closed No

Developer CNET Networks (2008, CNET Networks was acquired by CBS and the assets were merged into CBS Interactive)

Country of Origin US America

1996 - [...] CBS Interactive Inc. (2008, CNET Networks was acquired by CBS and the assets were merged into CBS Interactive)

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Meta SeEn
Multi Search
Search Interface / Search API
Manually by an editorial team selected sites SeEn

Used SeEn Bing

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline
»March 1996 - launches.«
»May 1997 - Search.Com relaunches, partners with Infoseek to provide listings.« Source

Sherman, Chris (Mar 22, 2005): » is a meta search engine operated by CNET. It offers both web-wide search and a wide variety of specialty search options. absorbed SavvySearch in October 1999. SavvySearch was one of the older metasearch services, around since May 1995 and formerly based at Colorado State University.« Source

Majhi, Sudip (February 11, 2016): » is popular because of simplicity and great number of features. It shows search result just like Google. You will get search result on your left hand side and ads on right side. The related search terms will be shown on your right hand side. All these things make the page like Google search result.« Source

Daniel Dreilinger, Adele E. Howe (1997): »An alternative to automated meta-search is to allow the user to completely direct query dispatch. Tools such as All-In-One, CUSI,, In -NET's META Search and InterNIC are essentially pages full of forms for sending queries to a number of di erent search engines. The selection process is entirely up to the user. They must type their query into a separate form for each query submission. Only one search engine is activated at a time, and the results appear in the native format of whichever search engine produced them.« Source

2001: » now uses the metasearch technology of SavvySearch to give you the most comprehensive search results on the Internet. Now you only have to search once for results from over 700 search engines, Web directories, auctions, storefronts, news sources, discussion groups, reference sites, and more. In addition,'s metasearch channels give you the power to get specialized results from dozens of search engines dedicated to popular topics, like Music or Travel. We've also given a makeover, making it more streamlined and easier to navigate, so you can focus on finding information — not getting lost in it. [...] sends your search queries to several search engines at one time and integrates the results into one list. That means you don't have to spend time going to each individual site to search — you can get all the Web's top results at once from « Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

About (2016): »Occasionally will highlight specialized results that are based on the context of your query. Examples of specialized results include specific links to news, images, or video.

Top Matching Results may highlight information from other pages, content from the CNET Network of sites, or third party content. The listings are based purely on relevance. does not receive payment for listings in this section but our partners that provide this data may get paid for listing these products. [...] sends your search query to several search engines at one time and integrates the results into one list which has been sorted by relevance using's proprietary algorithm. You can customize the list of search engines included in your metasearch from the preferences.

The search engines that are used in your metasearch may allow companies to pay to have their Web sites included within the results. To view the Paid Inclusion policy for a specific search engine, please visit their Web site. does not accept payment or share revenue with any search engine partner for listings in this section.« Source


Example results page for "sand": Source

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