Type: Meta Search Engine Created at: Colorado State University Created by: Daniel Dreilinger Owner: CNET (since October 1999) / 2008, CNET was acquired by CBS and merged into CBS Interactive


Launched March 1995
Closed 2000

Developer Dreilinger, Daniel

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Topic Universal


Technical functionalities

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»SavvySearch, an engine developed by Daniel Dreilinger, a graduate student of computer science at Colorado State University, takes a tack similar to Metacrawler. SavvySearch sends your search request out to as many as four sites simultaneously, then either displays the lists one after another or, like Metacrawler, combines them into a single integrated list. SavvySearch selects from a list of 18 search sites the four sites most relevant to your search request, then gives you the option of searching the next group of four, and so on.« Source

Danny Sullivan (2004): Search Engine Timeline »May 1995 - SavvySearch metacrawler begins operating.« Source

Sherman, Chris (Sep 9, 2003): »Created by Colorado State University student Daniel Dreilinger, SavvySearch was one of the first meta search engines. It was purchased by CNET in October 1999, and renamed« Source

Wikipedia: »MetaCrawler was not, however, the first metasearch engine on the World Wide Web. That feat belongs to SavvySearch, developed at the Colorado State University, albeit launched just four months prior to MetaCrawler.« Source


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