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Bruce Livett (2001): » rewarding TOP 10 awards to web sites appearing simultaneuously in the top 10 positions of all top-rated search engines, December (2001)« Source

Press Release (2000): » is the only search engine that offers an extensive list of details available on every site appearing in its search return lists, giving searchers an advantage for locating web sites that meet their needs.

These details are acquired live so surfers are assured of obtaining the most up-to-date information, including: email and postal addresses, phone numbers, site owner, date of NIC registration, link and traffic popularity, rank among the top 10,000 most visited sites and the date the site was last modified.

Searchers can select “details” next to each site listed to view the unobtrusive popup screen containing information. Searchers can use the information to compare web sites according to freshness of information and public appeal before browsing any pages, ultimately saving time by eliminating untrustworthy web sites with out-of-date information and little or no traffic.

Surfers do not have to conduct a search with in order to obtain this information. recently introduced 7FaSSt Search™, a free timesaving tool that enables surfers to conveniently search directly from their browsers. Its feature One-Click SiteDetails™ offers surfers the above facts about any web site appearing in their browser windows, regardless of whether or not the site is a query result of Surfers simply click on the logo next to the empty search box in their browsers.

One-Click SiteDetails™ can help sales people prioritize their time by sizing up a business prospects’ potential with popularity information or geographic location. Surfers can rank their favorite sites by popularity, determined by the number of links pointing to individual pages, or retrieve a web site email address to offer feedback

7FaSSt Search™ can be downloaded free at 7FaSSt Search™ counts web sites visited by its users to produce a free report on the most popular sites according to their number of unique visitors. Individual web site traffic popularity from this report appears in both the “detail” popup box and One-Click SiteDetails™.

These site detail features complement the search capabilities of, a meta-search engine survey proven to consistently return the most relevant results faster than the most popular search engines. searches all top-rated search engines simultaneously, rewarding all web sites appearing in the top 10 positions of each search engine with TOP 10 awards. The sites with the most awards always top its search return lists. is a member of the family of Internet services provided by EMERgency 24, Inc., its 33-year-old U.S. company with offices in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Santiago, Chile. « Source


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