Language Japanese

Launched March 5, 1997
Closed No

Developer NTT Human Interface Laboratories

Country of Origin Japan


Topic Universal

Region Japan

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»"Goo" is a Japanese search engine developed by NTT Human Interface Laboratories, INKTOMI's search engine, which has the world's top search technology such as high-speed processing, high search quality, customization function of user interface, "Infobee", and it is a search engine that combines the largest database in Japan with the highest level of data collection processing speed and search quality.
Also, since "goo" is linked with US Hotbot using INKTOMI search engine, Anzwers in Australia, you can easily search overseas homepages.
NTT Ad will participate in the "Internet Guide & Internet Shop" G - Square "offered by the NTT Group and will provide search services based on this" goo ".
In addition, we will set up advertising space on the top page of "goo" and part of the search result page, and conduct advertising business to sell it as a new advertising medium.« Source


1997 Press Release: »Since this new search engine has the largest WWW database in Japan (3.5 million URLs in Japan, 56 million overseas) and the world's highest level data collection processing speed (2 million URL per day), the service name is " I have symbolized the world of the Internet that "global network continues to expand to infinity (∞)" and named "goo" (goo).« Source

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