Monster Crawler

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Language English

Launched 1999
Closed No

Developer InfoSpace (inbetween part of Blucora, since 2017 part of System1)

Country of Origin US America

1999 - [...] InfoSpace (inbetween part of Blucora, since 2017 part of System1)

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Meta SeEn

Used SeEn Yahoo
FAST (Fast Search & Transfer)
Google Search Engine

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

About: »Metasearch engine Monster Crawler was founded by several Southern Illinois University graduates in 1999. It quickly grew a following among internet users who enjoyed the capability to query multiple search engines with just one click. Monster Crawler grew rapidly among the local college and St. Louis Midwest markets. Monster Crawler now attracts a worldwide market and has one of the highest retention rates in the industry with over 50% of our users visiting 30 or more times per month.« Source


Critical points

Features & Functionality

About: »Monster Crawler combines the power of all the leading search engines together in one search box to deliver the best combined results. This is what we call metasearch. The process is more efficient and yields many more relevant results.

Monster Crawler provides an easy way to search more of the Web by harnessing the collective power of the most popular engines. The Internet is an enormous and constantly changing medium, making it impossible for any single engine to reach the entire Web. Using our algorithmic metasearch technology, Monster Crawler takes results from the leading search engines (Yahoo Search!, Google, MSN, Ask), eliminates the duplicates and delivers you the most comprehensive set of results. You benefit by obtaining a quicker, more accurate set of results to your query.

Monster Crawler's algorithmic metasearch technology blends and ranks the results derived from each of the separate engines based on the specific terms you type. If, for example, you type the words "computer prices", the resulting search will include many commercial Web pages containing information on businesses offering computers for sale. If, on the other hand, you type the words "computer technology", your results will be weighted toward articles, information and other research about computers. Monster Crawler also provides multimedia results including images, audio, video, news, and local information.« Source


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Created: 2013-02-02