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Fravia: A "visual search" engine, still in "Early Beta/Late Alpha Preview Release", delivered by some indian programmers Here the bla bla: "Launched in "early beta/late alpha" mode on February 2009 after stealth development in Bangalore, Delhi, and London, Yauba is based on over 25 years of cutting edge research from the Indian Institutes of Technology, the University of Delhi, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the University of California at Berkeley"

Can search "All Places", "Internet Sites", "Real-Time Search", "Mainstream News", "Social News", "Blogs", "Answers", "Images", "Videos", "PDF file", "Word files","Powerpoint files" and "Social Networks". Parameter is e.g. &target=blog Results seem not bad at all. Granted, not always as deep and relevant as some other main search engines, but quite promising for a relatively low financed attempt. Algos as yet unstudied, we will see.

Privacy claims: "ensures absolute privacy and doesn't collect any personally identifiable information (visited websites, search history, IP address, physical location... etc.) on its users. All records are automatically deleted from yaouba's servers" are not verifiable, but would be an added bonus... if true.

Has an anonymous automatic proxy service: click on results to directly visit any external site or click the green "Visit anonymously" link to browse them anonymously through Yauba's own proxy servers. Seems also useful as engine for a quick evaluate with your eyes (and similar related "zen-searcher feelings") sessions. As "visual" search engines go, not bad at all I would say. Source


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Result page for "advanced internet searching" Source


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