Search Encrypt

Language English

Launched April 16, 2016
Closed No

Developer Search Encrypt

Country of Origin Cyprus

2016 - [...] Search Encrypt

Topic Universal

Region No Limitation

Anonymous / private searching
Search Portal

Used SeEn Unknown

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

Unfortunately I didn’t find information about the crawler, indexing or if they use the input from another engine. Additional I didn’t find out who’s behind Search encrypt [kd2018].

»Search Encrypt is an Internet search engine that prioritizes maintaining user privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. Search Encrypt differentiates itself from other search engines by using local encryption on searches and delayed history expiration. Search Encrypt emphasizes on steps to anonymize user data, rather than building behavioral retargeting profiles on users.

In November 2017, the site had 22.74 million visitors. Search Encrypt is also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome. It is currently listed in the Chrome Web Store.

The company is based in Limassol, Cyprus and has 10 employees [...]

The search engine is included in lists of private alternatives to Google, along with DuckDuckGo, StartPage, and others. This article, "The Best Private Search Engines" in online publication Hackernoon, lists Search Encrypt as one private alternative to search engines that track users. Search Encrypt earns revenue by serving ads.« Source


»The name was derived from the products main features.« Source

Critical points

There is much discussion on the net if Search encrypt is a kind of virus, malware or something like that. Search encrypt says no it isn’t and offers help how to remove if you like to do so. Nevertheless there must have be an automatic installation without the user’s permission – an offensive strategy to present a new engine. But the past shows that user usually see this critical [kd2018]. Source

Features & Functionality

Christian Stewart (2018): »This private search engine uses local encryption to secure your searches. It combines with AES-256 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer encryption. Search Encrypt then retrieves your search results from its network of search partners. After you’re done searching, your search terms expire so they are private even if someone else has access to your computer.« Source


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Created: 2018-03-17