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A9 was founded in 2003 by Amazon. The goal was to develop technologies for search and advertising purposes. The website was online from 2004 to 2009. A web search was offered, the contents of which were provided by various search engines (Google, MSN Live Search). Particularly the tabs on the right side of the screen were. They could be used to view search history, view relevant pages, bookmarks and notes about websites. In addition, the search could be extended to over 400 different sources, including books (via Amazon), images (via Google), encyclopedia entries (via Wikipedia) and films (via IMDb). The results could be viewed in different columns and sorted by source.'s technology is used to search and other websites.

From 2005 to 2006 a blog search [IceRocket] was offered and in 2006 a news search [Findory] was presented for a short time.

Language English

Launched 2006
Closed 2006


Country of Origin US America

2006 - 2006

Topic News SeEn

Region No Limitation

Technical functionalities
Search Interface / Search API

Used SeEn Findory

Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite


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Features & Functionality


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