Launched 2004
Closed 2007


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Older Version Internet Archive / WebCite

About: »SMEALSearch is a niche search engine that searches the web and catalogs academic articles as well as commercially produced articles and reports that address any branch of Business. The search engine crawls websites of universities, commercial organizations, research institutes and government departments to retrieve academic articles, working papers, white papers, consulting reports, magazine articles, and published statistics and facts. For certain documents, the database only stores the hyperlinks to those documents. SMEALSearch performs a citation analysis of all the academic articles accessed and lists them in order of their citation rates in academic papers (the most cited articles are listed first). Articles available through the SMEALSearch engine can be downloaded (for fair use) without any charges. However, some articles may have only the abstracts listed, and may have to be purchased directly from the appropriate sources. We gratefully acknowledge the support of NEC and Dr.Steve Lawrence in the development of SMEALSearch.« Source


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